Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Suncear and Creme Magazine have Reinspired me!

Hey everyone!

Well, there's been a little bit of silence on my blog these past few months, but not because I haven't been working my mind to near exhaustion getting a LOT done :). These past two months have seen me apply to graduate school (for my ph.D.! *aghast!*), apply for a sweet scholarship that would make the life of a grad student tre' easy, and study for and ace (yes, I'm proud of my score:)) the GRE! So see, I've been busy!

BUT now I'm back:). AND I'm reinvigorated and reinspired! Let me tell you why...last week or so I was lucky enough to be contacted by Suncear, the Wellness contributor of Creme Magazine She was excited to have found Etniq and wanted to include me in an upcoming feature. She was mostly jazzed about it being an all-natural vegan cosmetics line with colors that cater to women of color. (I do make foundations for all women however I make sure women of color have a plethora of choices from Etniq as well.)

Suncear asked some excellent questions! Over the course of the interview, I got to talk all about my philosophy of how skincare is a way to reach people and encourage them to make holistic lifestyle changes. I talked about how my drive to create Etniq in fact has everything to do with providing people alternatives to what's currently harming them day in and day out (the makeup we wear that suffocates our skin for instance!!). I got all revved up and re-inspired to make a difference as we both found that we had similar thoughts and goals.

So! What does this mean for Etniq and you? It means, I'm recommitting myself to be a source of holistic living education as well. And I promise, I'll keep it focused (mostly;)) on your beautiful face!

As soon as the article posts, I'll post the link here! Ta Ta!


SunCearRaye said...

I had no idea you wrote this. I was just browsing through. This made my day! And BTW, you were a dream to interview.

lrp said...

Aww thanks lady! :)!