Monday, December 7, 2009

Etniq Application Instructions

So how do you use Etniq anyway?

Many of you have heard or read me talking about all the cool ways you can use Etniq Minerals right? Buuuut, you're still wondering about all that. How exactly do you do all these cool things? And what are all these cool things anyway? Well lucky for us all, I put together a little list. Tutorial videos coming soon!
Using Etniq

As a/an:


Using your favorite eyeshadow brush, apply your minerals across the base of your lid, underneath your brow bone, and even tracing your lower lid. Experiment and play! For a bolder look, dip your brush into a bit of water beforehand, blot some of the water off and then dip it into your pot. The minerals will adhere to the water and create a brighter version of your minerals on your lids. Have fun!


You'll need a stiff edge, eyeliner brush. You can apply dry for a smokey line look or apply with a little bit of water (using the same technique from above) and apply a solid dark line.


This application is really simple as well. All you'll need is a clear lipgloss or a vitamin E clear lipstick. Dip the lipstick wand into the pot and then apply it evenly to your lips - super simple. For lipstick, you can do the same thing. In both cases, you can also mix the gloss or the vitamin E stick with the mineral powder on the side of your hand and then apply with a lip brush. It's really up to you. Explore which way gives you the application style you like best!

Nail Polish

Nail polish is probably the easiest of them all. With a clear nail polish, dip the brush into the minerals and brush onto your nails just like you would any other nail polish. The color will spread and adhere just like nail polish. Apply a second coat for a deep look or stick with one coat for a glossy effect.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to email me for an answer!


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Such a great job you did. God, are you a scientist or you 're really passionate. I love it. Keep up the good work.


lrp said...

Thanks so much Fabela! I actually am a chemical engineer but I'm so very passionate about this stuff you are right on both accounts:)!