Thursday, November 15, 2007

My look from the October Photoshoot

Tadaa! Here is one of the snaps of me from the October photoshoot. Again, that shoot was a fantastic day. Lots of work, but we enjoyed every minute of it:). I've never considered myself a great model but it was fun to be in front of the camera and posing like a superstar, lol.

For my look, I decided to blend Dragon Eyes and Smoked Coals for my lid colors. I started with a base layer of Dragon Eyes just on my lid, staying below the crease. Then I brushed Smoked Coals into the crease and let it travel a little above it. I used Midnight eyeliner/matte shadow with the foil technique (dipping an angled brush into water before dipping it into the shadow) and lined my eyes heavily top and bottom. I carried my top line out just a bit to give a simple cat eye effect. On my cheeks I used one of my favorite blushes, Amethyst and for my lips I used Drink Deep, again as a clear gloss/shadow combo. And my foundation of choice is a half/half mixture of Yoli and Bali:).

Any questions about how I did any of this, definitely ask away!

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