Friday, July 20, 2007

Photoshoot with Integrity Models Inc.

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share one of the prints of
a shoot I did with Integrity Models Inc., a modeling agency here in Little Rock. I used 90% Etniq for the look.

Here's a breakdown:

Foundation: Classa
Eyeshadow: Slice on lower lid and Dragon Eyes on the browbone
Lipstick: Dragon Eyes with Etniq's lipstick base
Setting powder: Original Finisher
Blush: Amethyst and Coral Cool

So if you're looking for a classic look like this with a little bit of a funky flare, definitely try these colors out! If you need help choosing a foundation, just let me know - that's my fortay!

Just a note, the model was awesome to work with and the photographer was equally amazing. He had such a good eye for how to create just the right look. Just in case he ever happens by here and reads this, thanks a million! It was an honor to work with you:).

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