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What's the Full Moon in Saggitarius mean for you?

I am a huge fan of astrology and so when ever I come across a really cool astrological article, I like to pass it on.

This article from struck such a cord with me that I figured I might not be the only one:). I love how astrology, a science that can seem so random at times, can be so right on target at others. Read on for the article...


The Moon is Full at 10ยบ of Sagittarius
Thursday May 31st at 6:04 PM PDT / 1:05 AM GMT (6/01)

Celebrate life! A most optimistic fiery Blue Moon is on the rise urging you to think big and expand your horizons. Of course... there's a cosmic catch. I called it a Blue Moon because it's the 2nd Full Moon this month... and like the first one, this one also brings you to a crossroads.

At the time of the New Moon in earthy fertile Taurus, you planted intentions to manifest a beautiful quality of life. This Full Moon's light reveals those undermining beliefs and programs that keep tripping you up.

Intense pressure to release old patterns comes from a four-way face-off in mutable signs... meaning change is mandatory and new directions must be explored. This is a set-up that can push buttons and promote stress, but also help you turn a corner or two and really move you forward.

Be willing to question everything, listen to other's viewpoints, and discover what's true for you now.

Giant Jupiter sits right next to the Moon expanding whatever you focus on. If you find conversations turning into heated arguments... ask yourself what you're defending so zealously. You're probably being shown a belief... or old programming... whose time is done.

The Sagittarius Full Moon opposed by the Gemini Sun tells you that your ability to manifest the reality you desire depends on your beliefs and the way you focus the power of your mind. The lunar nodes, or destiny points, in Virgo and Pisces, fill out the face-off telling you to leave over thinking and criticism behind and move forward with more compassion and trust.

This energy can indeed be restless, intolerant and nerve-wracking, so be sure to work your journal. A previous opportunity to make a big leap out of your old box of beliefs occurred six months ago on December 20th. Look back in your journal to the New Moon in Sagittarius when you worked with the bigger picture and reclaimed the power of belief, optimism and conscious positive affirmation in your life. You had a BIG opportunity to change your perspective then... and now you can see how effective you've been.

Speaking of that bigger picture... this Full Moon also serves as a wake-up call regarding the reoccurring Virgo/Pisces eclipse pattern that kicked off the need for a new order in your life last September... again in March... and coming up again a third time in August and early September. By Fall, you should be on your way to establishing a new more inspired order in your life.

Look back in your lunar journal to those eclipse times if you need to reacquaint yourself with that daily well-rounded practical routine you created and committed to, because it's the key to staying healthy, grounded, and connected to spirit as you bring your bigger picture down to earth.

Sagittarius is symbolized by the centaur... a mythological creature that's half man and half horse. The man is an archer aiming his arrow toward a higher truth and the horse represents the need to ground your lofty aspirations and care for your physical body. If you've gotten off track... recommit and reflect on the beliefs and habits that keep trying to throw you off.

Focusing and staying grounded could be major challenges and yet they're oh-so-important for you to keep that magnetic mojo of yours working and expand your intentions for abundance. By the way, the Sun in Gemini rules writing, so writing in your journal is exceptionally powerful and enlightening now. If you're working with this month's Taurus Lunar Journal, then you have the tools you need.

I know that I've laid out a somewhat stressful scenario, but I really want you to remember that Sagittarius is actually the feel-good Moon of the zodiac... optimistic, joyful, expansive, generous... and this one's especially filled with BIG possibilities and opportunities for real change. Sagittarius is the seeker who always finds the silver lining... it's Oprah's Moon! So watch for those aha! moments and remember to breathe fully and often.

Ask yourself where you haven't been honest with yourself or others and where it's time for old illusions to die. Even though this is a pushy enervating Full Moon with revelations and insights flying fast and furiously, these changes can be easy IF you'll take time to assimilate all the information coming in both externally and intuitively and are gentle with yourself.

Wherever these energies are showing up in your birth chart indicates real change and BIG opportunities. You can find out exactly what this means for you and use this energy powerfully with a personal reading.

Something bigger than you... your destiny... is calling you to get out of your own way, because the planet needs your optimism... your unique viewpoint (that bigger picture of yours)... and your inspiring contribution.

Remember that life is the ultimate adventure and a continual blessing. It's time for you to explore, discover, walk your truth and live your gratitude in each present moment.

There's really nowhere to get to, because you're both the journey and the destination.

As Mahatma Gandhi put it... "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." So take a risk... believe in yourself and a universe of unlimited possibilities.

Your beliefs are so important. Because ultimately, you don't really manifest what you want... you manifest what you believe.

With Lots of Love and Many Full Moon Blessings,

Claudia Thompson, lunar astrologer, is co-creator of which publishes a free E-Zine twice monthly at the New and Full Moon. Moonsurfing also publishes a down-loadable Monthly Lunar Journal, a phase-by-phase guide to living in tune with the current energies of the Moon.

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