Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why I created Etniq Mineral Cosmetics

Etniq Mineral Cosmetics was born out of my desire for effortlessly unique, playful beauty coupled with a focus on healthy, radiantly beautiful skin.

I'd seen the fun and funky lines but none of them seemed to have the care I had about harmful and unnecessary ingredients. I love playing up my beauty but I didn't want to sacrifice my belief in natural, holistic living to do so.

I'd seen the mineral lines as well and yes they cared about your skin but in these, I couldn't find that true sense of funky uniqueness. I couldn't find a line with colors and shades that expressed who I am, that unleashed the inner model within me!

So I decided to create my own.

Etniq is the perfect blend of unique, fun and funky sophistication.

The colors and shades are for all women from the vanilla bombshells to the darkest velveteen chocolate misses out there. If your color doesn't exist yet in my collection, I'll custom make it for you. that's how dedicated I am to you!

Mineral makeup is the answer for us all. You've just got to let me prove it to you ;-).

Mine is a mineral makeup line that combines fun and funky with total sophistication and never forgets that true beauty begins with a beautiful canvas. The preservation of your healthy glowing skin will always be my first concern.

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