Thursday, November 19, 2009

Breathing New Life!

Well wow, it's been a minute right?! Yes yes, I have been a very bad blogger. Basically what happened is what happens to us all - life, lol. But now is the time to breathe new life into this blog! There have been a lot of fun, exciting things going on with Etniq!

So let's get two quick updates out of the way!

1. I've relocated to Little Rock, AR and so Etniq's home base has moved with me:). That means Little Rock again has it's very own mineral makeup line, woohoo!

2. I've partnered up with a wonderful woman at the coolest little store here in Little Rock as the flagship store for Etniq. The name is The Green Corner Store and Shelley Green is the fab owner. Any day of the week (except Sunday) you can stop by and get to play with makeup:).

What's Next?

1. Sync Weekly
, the local cool indy newspaper is going to be interviewing me soon! When the interview is available, trust me, you'll know:).

2. I've got new fall colors to debut! Pics, tips, and fun ideas coming soon!'s nice to be back;).

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