Monday, July 2, 2007

Makeup Look of the Day!

Today's look is inspired by my green dress:).

It's very simple with three main players - Slice Shimmer, Smilee Blush, and Cotton Candy Shimmer for my lips.

I first applied my foundation - Yoli. I've been enjoying applying it with my favorite moisturizer these days. It's really for practical reasons - I can apply it fast without having to worry about sweating in a bathroom still full of steam from my shower:). (When applying powders, it's best to wait until the skin is dry - they adhere much better this way).

The technique - Put a few pearl size dabs of moisturizer in your hand. Tap a bit of your foundation over it. Gently shake out what doesn't cling to the moisturizer back into your foundation jar. Mix this up in your hand and then apply it to your face - just like a tinted moisturizer. For more coverage - just use more foundation. You can also go back and buff powder foundation in for spot areas after the moisturizer has absorbed into your skin a bit.

Next, I applied Slice to my eyelids. Here is a picture of the application before I blended in the upper lash line. What I want to show here is how I took the shimmer up my brow bone and arched it over without filling in the middle part of the lid area too much. This creates a nice lift effect when the eye is open.

For the upper lash line, I just blended out the pockets of pigmentation and drew them lightly up the sides of my eyes, again to give lift and definition.

For my cheeks I applied Smilee just to my apples (the place that is most noticeable when you smile).

For my lips, I took my lip gloss and dipped it into Cotton Candy. I mixed it together on the back of my hand and applied with a Q-tip.

I set everything with a light dust of Finishing Powder and I was ready to go:).


The Fayester said...

For some reason I channeled my inner Leprechaun (sp) and did green eyes also! LOL. Your eyes look amazing

lrp said...

Thanks lady! Green is one of my fav colors:)!