Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Makeup Look of the Day!

A lot of ladies have been asking me what to buy and the best way to apply Etniq. So to help answer some of these questions and spark your own creativity, I'm going to post makeup looks using me as the model! I'll post a few every week and let you know exactly what I used.

Here are my eyes for today:)

Over my entire lower eyelid, I used the shimmer Luminesque as a good daytime base. In the crease of my eye I used my current favorite shimmer, Cocoa Grounds, to give my deep set eyes even more definition. Then to bring them out more, I used the shadow/liner Midnight Comes:

(look out for this to be available for purchase soon!) on the outer edges of my eyes. These 3 alone brought out my eyes so much that I didn't need mascara at all.

Here's another view:

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much for posting this! It really helps to see the makeup on someone. Thanks for showing a real face and not a model's face too. That makes me feel better about showing my own imperfections.